Mission Pastor of the Month

Sharing Our Faith & Love To Children, Pastors in remote communities of the world.

Teaching, Training, Equipping, Meeting Needs.

We have so many Pastors of Honor and who are Full of Integrity, in all our Mission Locations!

What I desire to do, is present to all of you, a different Beloved Pastor, who is a Covenant Partner with our Mission Ministry, who is assisting us, in Fulfilling the “Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Sharing their location, Name of their Fellowship, their growth and Challenges.

Mission Pastor of the Month

Mission Pastor of the Month: November 2019 – Pastor Jose Antonio Perez Montes, Pastor of Mount Sinai Church, Nagarote, Nicaragua.

Pastor Jose Antonio Perez Montes and his lovely, wife Josefa de Jesus Guzman both work together for the sole  purpose of Extending the Kingdom of God in Pueblo and their nation (Nicaragua).
They both live in a small village called, Nagarote, Nicaragua!

They are the very proud Pastors of Mount Sinai Church!

Their sole Vision is to establish the Kingdom of God in their community and beyond, bringing healing and restoration to everyone who has an Heart and Ears to hear the Message of Salvation, that is offered to them freely!

Reaching everyone with a  heart of compassion, to all the children and young men and young women who are without guidance and Jesus in their lives! Also to establish the Kingdom of God in hearts of this Generation, to prepare them to Reach the next Generation!

To God be the Glory! Amen!

Shepherds Heart Pastor Antonio

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Philippians 2:1