Widows Ministry

The Widow Ministry

There are so many incredible, spiritual, discerning, loving and compassionate, widows and Widowers that are in need around the world!

What country doesn’t have them! It should be one of our first priorities, to sustain the Widower or the Widow! I truly believe that the Lord of Grace and Blessing, shall bless those who share their wealth to help sustain them.

For an example, in Liberia, there are more than 30 widows who are in need of food, medicine and clothes!

Your $25.00 a month could help make sure that these Widows are taken care of. Help us to be a Blessing to them and in other Countries also!

Please make check or money order out to our ministry, see below:

Shepherds Heart Mission Ministry 
P.O. Box 65600, #242 Lubbock, Texas, 79423

Widows Ministry

Sharing Our Faith & Love To Children, Pastors in remote communities of the world.

Teaching, Training, Equipping, Meeting Needs.

Partner with us

Your gift of just $20 a month would make a BIG difference.

We need your support to provide food, clothing, water, build churches, support pastors, provide education.

Is there any encouragement from belonging to Christ? Any comfort from his love? Any fellowship together in the Spirit? Are your hearts tender and compassionate?

Philippians 2:1