Word Study for the Week!

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It is of the utmost importance for us to become students of the Word of God! Not just in being able to quote a verse but being equip in “rightly Dividing the Word of Truth” should and always be our Purpose and Mission! This topic will provide some interesting words for you to meditate, and even ponder over and it is my heart’s desire that you will not just learn from this, but understand how to apply it (divided word) to your personal life

This section is sooo very important to me, and it should be to all who are a part of the body of Christ! Each week we will post a new word of true interest to each of you! It is my heart’s desire to present this in such a way, by which it will encourage you all to think, ponder, meditate over it, come to a clear understanding and then, apply it to your daily life issues or challenges!

Word Study for the Week!

Word Study for the Week!

Today’s word is “Workmanship” which is found in the Book of Ephesians 2:10, for we are his “Workmanship” created in Christ Jesus, unto good works! The word “Workmanship” in the Greek language is “Poema” which in English we have the word “Poem”! What is being conveyed is, that you have been created to “Only “do “Good works”, not bad, but good works! If we live accordingly, our life, will be recited as a “Poem” voiced from the “Heart and Mouth” of God your Father! Amen! Wow!

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Philippians 2:1